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Uutisotsikot päivitetty klo. 11.18

CNN.com - RSS Channel - World
China took weeks to diagnose new Covid cases and underreported numbers, leaked documents show
Tens of thousands of farmers swarm India's capital to protest deregulation rules
Fraser Island, a unique Australian ecosystem, is on fire as parts of the country swelter through record heat wave
Pandemic surge affecting Christmas holiday plans across Europe
Britain's final Brexit choice could prolong the worst recession in 300 years
Job guarantees and free money: 'Utopian' ideas tested in Europe
More emissions means higher prices: More food brands want you to know their climate impact
Craft breweries are turning unsold beer into gin
Women in Japan have had period leave for over 70 years. Why the West doesn't have it
US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters
Miami's Little Haiti wasn't a target for developers. Until the seas started to rise
How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis
Unseen photos of America's early 'working girls'
Meet Nigeria's most sought-after stylist
The young designer behind Gigi Hadid's ruffled yellow top
Princess Di's 'black sheep' sweater is back
The one item of clothing in every genius' closet
Germany's ex-royals want their riches back, but past ties to Hitler stand in the way
Yet another Italian village is selling $1 houses
Runestones open gateway to ancient Viking civilization
Inside Singapore's legal red-light district
Why Christopher Walken's Irish accent went so wrong
Secretive Thailand hideaway rumored to be real inspiration for 'The Beach'
How a Covid-19 vaccine could change travel for good
How California prisoners raised $30K for a high school student in need
A restaurant with a coronavirus scare stayed open because of the generosity of a neighboring barbershop
Officer responds to call about a fire at his own home -- and his children still inside
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Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Joe Biden: President-elect fractures foot while playing with dog
McConnell's latest COVID relief plan includes GOP priorities, 1-month unemployment extension
Bill Barr's rejection of Trump's election fraud claims suggests Republican support is weakening
Body of missing Instagram influencer Alexis Sharkey found on Texas road
New Zealand joins Australia in denouncing China's tweet
Black woman sentenced to 5 years in prison for illegal voting files new appeal
Project Veritas’ CNN Sting Uncovers Explosive News That Tucker Carlson Is Racist
Trump threatens to veto defense spending bill if Congress doesn't revoke unrelated social media shield
US Supreme Court asked to block Biden win in Pennsylvania
How China's special forces stack up against the US's special operators
Hannity says Trump should pardon himself and his family – but former White House lawyer insists that’s impossible
Chicago man accused of fatally stabbing another man over Thanksgiving leftovers
EU eyes Dec 29 approval for 1st virus vaccine, later than US
Biden told this immigrant rights activist 'vote for Trump' in a blunt exchange. He voted for Biden but is ready to push him hard on immigration reform.
‘I can’t begin to explain the level of anger I have right now over this’: Georgia election official speaks out about threats against staff
'A baby-selling enterprise': Former Arizona elected official sentenced to 6-plus years in adoption scheme
Australian soldier pictured drinking beer out of dead Taliban fighter's prosthetic leg
Covid: All Americans 'will be vaccinated by June' with two jabs available to some by Christmas
White House Christmas decor gives nod to 1st responders
Biden's favorability rating jumped 6 points since the election, is already higher than Trump ever hit
A former Tesla employee who filed a whistleblower tip is paying the company $400,000 for divulging trade secrets, following a 2-year dispute with Elon Musk
After urging small Thanksgiving, San Jose mayor sorry for gathering that broke Covid rules
Nevada doctor's selfie used to claim COVID-19 is a hoax
Trump Campaign to File Lawsuit in Wisconsin, Claiming 220,000 Absentee Ballots Illegally Cast
Senate Democrats introduce a plan to reinstate the $600 federal unemployment benefit until October 2021
GM rethinks planned stake in electric vehicle maker Nikola
Trump ‘confirms he’ll run for president again in 2024’ in public for first time
'An effort to restore the rule of law': GOP lawmakers file articles of impeachment against Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine over COVID-19 restrictions
Now Romania's mysterious monolith vanishes without a trace
Father arrested on sex assault, aggravated assault charges in death of 10-month-old child
Coronavirus robs biblical Bethlehem of Christmas cheer
Trump attendance at Biden inauguration would be ‘good for the country’, says Lindsey Graham
Mitch McConnell acknowledged pressure to deliver more COVID-19 stimulus and said he thinks Congress can do it this month
A single act of generosity led to COVID-19 fatally spreading through this New Jersey household
I was an election monitor in Afghanistan. Trump's fraud claims follow a corrupt playbook.
'I don't see any way around it': Former Navy SEAL McRaven says retaliation for assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist all but certain
COVID-19 was silently spreading across US as early as December 2019, CDC study says
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris reportedly choosing Tina Flournoy as her chief of staff
A witness in Trump ally Sidney Powell's lawsuits says the voting results in 'Edison County' indicate fraud. No such place exists.
People are trolling Bella Hadid over the soupy mac and cheese she served on Thanksgiving
Kristi Noem's grandmother died in a nursing home hit by COVID-19 as the South Dakota governor continued to downplay the virus
Sotomayor says Supreme Court's Covid decision will 'exacerbate' suffering in fiery dissent
Trump lawyer Joe diGenova says election security chief fired by the president should be 'taken out at dawn and shot'
Dallas owner tells patrons ‘get the f–k out my restaurant’ for twerking in viral video
Congress has resumed talks about a new COVID-19 deal but here's why $1,200 stimulus checks probably aren't coming anytime soon
SF grandma flips table to defend business from angry customer
Jewish doctor’s story of treating Covid sufferer covered in Nazi tattoos goes viral
As many as 89,000 households have left San Francisco since March, the latest sign of an exodus spurred by the pandemic
Anti-Mask Guv’s Grandmother Died in Nursing Home Ravaged by COVID
Biden's decision to pick Neera Tanden for a top economic role exposes an ongoing rift with Bernie Sanders-allied progressives

Not Even William Barr Buys Trump’s Election Nonsense
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Trump’s Election Attack Ends December 14—Whether He Knows It or Not